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The Reiki workshops are based on the Usui and Tibetan System of Natural Healing. William Rand ( incorporatedinto the Reiki training some Tibetantechniques from his training in Medicine Buddha.

The complete training consists of 4 levels: Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki Advanced and Reiki Masters.
My teaching style is structured, informative and insightful. Having received training with 4 different teachers, I noticed every teacher has a specific teaching style. Asit is important to have a good understanding of Reiki, I take the concept of healing and make it practical and understandable. Due to my training in various Japanese healing techniques as well as esoteric healing in the old tradition, I brought into the course more information and practical application in the different ways to heal with Reiki and to apply it to different systems of healing.
I also cover the bridge between the western and the eastern application of Reiki. Every person has his/her own reason for wanting to learn Reiki, and as such I take that into account in training and guide students in how to apply Reiki to their life and their specific needs. Reiki is easy to learn, versatile and the possibilities of its application are endless.


  • History of Reiki(western perspective)
  • What is Reiki
  • Purpose of Reiki
  • Explaining the various Reiki courses
  • How does Reiki heal
  • Reiki 1 attunement
  • Reiki hand positions(for self and others)
  • Practice Reiki
  • Guidance on how to incorporate Reiki into personal life and/or therapy
  • Duration: 1 day
    Outcome: Able to give Reiki to self and others
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    REIKI 2

  • Memorise symbols
  • Explain symbols and how to use them
  • Reiki 2 attunement
  • History of Reiki(Eastern perspective)
  • Explain how to do treatments using symbols
  • Scanning and beaming
  • Subtle anatomy of human body(focus on major, minor and lessor chakras)
  • Distant treatments
  • Duration: 1 day
    Outcome: Able to give Reiki in a more defined way: be it more energising/empowering or more for mental or emotional focus. Better understanding and application of Reiki hand positions. The subtle anatomy of the human body is better understood. Distant treatments can also be done.
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  • How to charge crystals with Reiki
  • The Reiki grid
  • Reiki Usui master attunement
  • Reiki meditation
  • Memorise Reiki Master symbol and explain its use
  • Master Moving Meditation
  • Reiki psychic surgery
  • Duration: 1 day
    Outcome: Able to set up and manage a crystal grid for multiple treatments simultaneous. On this level Reiki given is of a higher vibration. Reiki psychic surgery.
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  • Advanced Reiki meditation
  • Show and explain Tibetan symbols
  • Values and attitudes for success as a Reiki teacher/practitioner
  • Reiki3Usui/Tibetan master attunement
  • Explain how to do all attunements including healing attunement and distant attunement
  • Lots of practice doing attunements
  • Duration: 1 day and follow up
    Outcome: Able to give all attunements: Reiki 1 – masters, healing attunements and distant attunements. Qualified to teach Reiki.
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    This workshop teaches all the basic aspect of Lindwall releasing. With the classical releasing process being the main focus of this workshop, techniques such as soultalk, the laserbeam of divine love, forgiveness, and other processes specific to the releasing process are incorporated into this workshop.
    This is an experiential workshop and participants will have sufficient exposure to practical application, to become comfortable with the releasing process. In an empathetic workshop environment participants are given the space to address there own challenges that calls to be released.
    The founder of Lindwall Releasing Dr. Edward(Isa) and Yolanda Lindwall taught this process throughout the world, travelling to more than 40 countries. It was their hearts desire to assist people in using releasing for themselves, their families and theircommunities.
    Being easy to grasp the principles of releasing, even children can do releasing.

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    Duration: 2 days


    This workshop teaches all the basic aspect of Lindwall releasing. With the classical releasing process being the main focus of this workshop, techniques such as soultalk, the laserbeam of divine love, forgiveness, and other processes specific to the releasing process are incorporated into this workshop.
    Prerequisite: A Lindwall Releasing session with Zelda Bradshaw or previous attendance of a Lindwall Releasing workshops and/or retreats.
    This training is for therapists and healers that want to equip themselves with Lindwall Releasing as a modality that can be used separately or incorporated in other therapies.
    It covers the processes taught in the workshops and further techniques and knowledge to equip a therapist with Lindwall releasing as a practitioners modality. It is an experiental learning experience and a large part of the training time will be spend doing releasing sessions.
    The meeting space is on zoom and is limited to 3 participants.

    Duration: 12 - 15 Sessions of 3 hours each
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    • Elizma Bellingan, MA
      I met Zelda in 2009 and I have found her therapies very effective and holistic, addressing multiple levels of the complex human experience. Zelda integrates various modalities into a personalised approach to healing. I have been fortunate enough to do the Lindwall Releasing training with Zelda. She teaches with wisdom, humor and humility and I am very grateful for her guidance and support.
      Elizma Bellingan, MA
      Psychologist Psychedelic Assististed Therapist
    • Carlos Hernandez
      I love Zelda and her work. I can feel the shifts that happen right after seeing her. She has the best attributes as a healer: she is truly gifted and has a good heart. She has a true desire to help and has been so generous to my wife, myself and my children through her healing. Sometimes I am amazed of how simple and uncomplicated deep healing can be. I hope that everybody can experience the deep healing she offers. Her intuition allows her to take that healing into the transpersonal realm and you are able to feel the effects right away. As a teacher, she is generous, articulate, and very knowledgeable. I am truly grateful for the help and the transformation I have found while studying with her. I truly cannot recommend her enough.
      Carlos Hernandez
      Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Psychedelic Assisted Therapies

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