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  • Clinical Psychologist
    Zelda has a true gift of healing! I am a Clinical Psychologist and I have been working in the addiction treatment field for a number of years. Apart from my work context, which is stressful, I have also been dealing with some life challenges. I had a session with Zelda over the weekend. I was feeling overwhelmed and drained before I spoke to her. I was so relieved to get things off my chest and felt lighter. In addition I experienced a shift happening whilst speaking to her. Her words of wisdom was like "balm" and I was able to make a shift in myself and I felt calm and peaceful after our session. What was even more surprising, is that this relief and "lightness" in my being has been a lasting one. I usually find it difficult to show my vulnerability but I felt safe and secure, and Zelda's true listening and compassion, ignited my hope flame. I so strongly recommend Zelda. It was an unexpected and warm healing experience. 👌
    Clinical Psychologist
  • Elizma Bellingan, MA
    I met Zelda in 2009 and I have found her therapies very effective and holistic, addressing multiple levels of the complex human experience. Zelda integrates various modalities into a personalised approach to healing. I have been fortunate enough to do the Lindwall Releasing training with Zelda. She teaches with wisdom, humor and humility and I am very grateful for her guidance and support.
    Elizma Bellingan, MA
    Psychologist Psychedelic Assististed Therapist
  • Carlos Hernandez
    I love Zelda and her work. I can feel the shifts that happen right after seeing her. She has the best attributes as a healer: she is truly gifted and has a good heart. She has a true desire to help and has been so generous to my wife, myself and my children through her healing. Sometimes I am amazed of how simple and uncomplicated deep healing can be. I hope that everybody can experience the deep healing she offers. Her intuition allows her to take that healing into the transpersonal realm and you are able to feel the effects right away. As a teacher, she is generous, articulate, and very knowledgeable. I am truly grateful for the help and the transformation I have found while studying with her. I truly cannot recommend her enough.
    Carlos Hernandez
    Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Psychedelic Assisted Therapies
  • Gurmeet Singh
    I had a session with Zelda last week. She was so generous with her time. She uses different modalities in her session and she is really good at what she does. I got clarity on three issues and would highly recommend her. Another bonus was that we had an amazing connection!
    Gurmeet Singh
  • Karena Singh
    I had an absolutely amazing session with Zelda yesterday! It was comprehensive, in-depth, and with her modalities Zelda picked up where many of the issues I was experiencing came from including past lives, chakra imbalances and memories. I am highly impressed by Zelda and her unique combination of modalities. I've never experienced anything quite profound as her integrated session. I will definitely be returning soon!
    Karena Singh
  • Daleen du Plesis
    Zelda Koch-Bradshaw is a gifted therapist and healer. I've had the privilege of receiving online treatments from Zelda. It was affective and helped me a great deal. Beautiful, Caring and Professional
    Daleen du Plesis
    South Africa
  • Melissa Robertson (Australia)
    Zelda is amazing. I would recommend her to anyone. I had a session with her last night and the stuff she help me work through was incredible. I am from Australia and this was done with Skype and was still very effective. I definitely will be seeing her again
    Melissa Robertson (Australia)
  • Ronel Geldenhuys, Actress and Director
    I find Zelda one of the best therapists that I have ever worked with. When she slots into her calm empty intuitive space, it is clear that she channels through a very wise intelligence that is always spot-on. I find her very talented and skilled in many different modalities. A session with her is always rich with different layers of information. Sometimes past lives come up. Sometimes simply emotions get balanced, mental things get balanced. But always it is a multi-layered in-depth delicate healing affair that I am very grateful for and I am very grateful to know such a great healer whose ego stands beside. She leaves her ego behind when she works. It is about the session, not about her and that is lovely.
    Ronel Geldenhuys, Actress and Director
  • Elma Nance
    Zelda had helped me in the process of letting go some very painful child experiences that I was carrying the pain for so long. She taught me to forgive and let go, to move forward in my life. I had a few Reiki sessions with her and also learned Reiki as well. I wanted to bring to the States something wonderful, positive and forever life changing. Zelda has a caring soul, goes above and beyond for her clients.
    Elma Nance
  • A Business Woman
    I have been a client of Zelda Bradshaw for the past 8 years. I have always had major benefits for myself. I have probably had more than 20 Reiki sessions with her and have also referred my husband , family and some business associates to her. In all of these- my friends have benefitted and felt in a much better place after her treatment. My husband has also referred some of his friends to her. We have a big international business, and are very careful about who we recommend and who we can trust, and obviously who will show the results. Zelda has always been very confidential with her treatments and she has a loving and caring approach. I can highly recommend her.
    A Business Woman
  • Robyn Lambrick
    Zelda cares deeply about all her customers. I can highly recommend her services - she is kind, caring and very thorough in her approach to healing. What I also really like is that she is incredibly grounded in her approach to alternative healing which puts the none esoteric at ease immediately.
    Robyn Lambrick
  • Stephen Cox
    Zelda is a Light worker extraordinaire, I am sure she has come to earth incarnated as a human to enlighten, guide and teach others when needed. I have had many a powerful Reiki, Regression and Kinesiology session with her and every time I have felt an overwhelming feeling of calm, coupled with a clear, positive outlook which lasts for many a week thereafter. She is an attentive teacher of many modalities and is an energy partner to myself and many others. She is great at leading group mediations which she does with ease. She is compassionate and lovable and a most important part of my journey.
    Stephen Cox
  • Silvia Kirkman
    Zelda is an amazing and highly gifted healer. She has helped me through some serious issues, for which I am very grateful. She is highly professional and very caring, and I strongly recommend her and the wonderful work that she does.
    Silvia Kirkman
  • University student
    Zelda is an extremely caring and selfless healer. Through her kind, gentle and giving manner, she is able to offer a session that is constructive and supportive. The wide range of modalities offered is indicative of Zelda's dedication to her profession. It is also testament to the fact that her work is all-encompassing.
    University student
  • Steven
    Thank you for the care, concern and compassion. You are always there to help people when they need it.
  • Theodore Naicker
    As an astrologer, I have a good idea about what is going on with me, but by Sept 2013 I was asking for specific help to live through issues in my life. I had heard about Reiki from a friend and did an internet search for local reiki healers and Zelda was the only practitioner on the list who picked up my phone call and kindly invited me to come for a session. Zelda has a friendly yet knowledgeable demeanor which is a testament to her years not only in honing her skills as a healer, but also speaks to her time working with and understanding people. A few days after our session, my life changed and I began to grow into my goals with positivity. I have spent years in other countries and have always encountered nurturing Feminine energy through people. For me, it is a fact that the Divine chose to bring healing and new dimension to my life through the thorough approach to healing that is manifest in Zelda's life. Thank you Zelda for what you do.
    Theodore Naicker
  • Maximilian Fuxjaeger
    Zelda is the most authentic and powerful healer that I know. She taught me Reiki. Regardless of her profound abilities, she is also one of the most gentle and caring people I know.
    Maximilian Fuxjaeger

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