Below you will find the various treatments that are on offer.

At the start of the consultation I shall intuitively assess what is needed in terms of treatment and briefly explain what each treatment entails and the reason for choosing that specific treatment(s). Most likely it will be a combination of treatments in one session. A client can also request a specific modality.

Lindwall Releasing®

(Freedom through Releasing)

The moment you, the soul make a decision to let something go it automatically registers in the body as a spontaneous reaction that initiates an immediate change.– Dr. E Lindwall

Lindwall Releasing®

Lindwall Releasing® is a healing process that helps us to neutralise memories and events that influence our lives and well-being in a negative way.

All our experiences are stored in our body cells. Some of these “forgotten” memories, buried in our sub-conscious, can have a negative impact on our lives. The entire body is a complex biofeedback system that constantly reacts and responds to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stimuli.

The Lindwall Releasing® process allows us to access those deep seated memories that negatively affects our lives and provides us with specific healing techniques for releasing the pain, blockages and dysfunction associated with those memories that prevent us from reaching our true potential as human beings. Through the Lindwall Releasing process we increase our chances of accessing joy, health and fulfilment.

Specialised Kinesiology

The early 1960s hailed the beginning of Applied Kinesiology when Dr.Goodheart D.C. started using manual muscle testing/monitoring as a diagnostic tool in his practice as a chiropractor.


Specialised Kinesiology

Specialised Kinesiology evolved from Applied Kinesiology, incorporating techniques from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Psychology, Naturopathy, Chiropractic, energy medicine, and so forth.

Specialised Kinesiology identifies through muscle monitoring the priority stresses in the body, be it mental, emotional, physical, bio-chemical or spiritual. A correction is then made on a neurological level to neutralise this imbalance. The body’s natural state is wholeness, and by doing a specialised kinesiology session for a person we remind the body of its innate wisdom to heal and to flourish. We are born with a genetic blueprint that is programmed for optimal development and health but through life we do not always allow ourselves to recuperate in a healthy way from stress and unhealthy habits. This then creates ineffectual living. Through addressing these stresses we assist the body in its quest to wholeness.


Each of us has the potential of being given a gift by the divine, which results in the body and soul becoming unified.



In this way(with Reiki) a great many people will experience the blessing of the divine.

First of all Reiki is an original therapy, which is built upon the spiritual power of the universe.
Through it, the human being will first be made healthy, then peace of mind and joy in life will be increased.
Today we need improvements and restructuring in our lives so that we can free our fellow human beings from illness and emotional suffering.
The founder, Mikao Usui
Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that was developed by Dr.Mikao Usui during the earlier part of the 20th century. It is a laying on of hands healing technique that is available to all in its simplicity. A treatment feels like a warm nurturing experience throughout the body. Reiki treats the body on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It can be very calming, uplifting and energising in my experience.

Somerset West Retreat

Personalised retreats with Zelda Bradshaw can be arranged. It can take the form of a non-directional or a tailor-made retreat for the participant.

During a non-directional retreat a participant mainly comes for rest, recuperation and spending time in a peaceful environment, with input from the therapist on request. Mindfulness walks in the nearby Helderberg Nature Reserve can be arranged, as can meditation sessions.
A directional retreat is tailor-made to a participants needs and can include a workshop and/or therapy sessions. Lecture series by international motivational speakers and therapists will be available.
The aim is to create an experience for you that can both be healing and supportive to your needs and at the same time empowering you with new skills for living.
As these retreats are customized, a potential participant needs to contact Zelda before booking.
Venue needs to be booked separately through Airbnb, after arrangements for retreat is finalised.
Link to book accommodation on AirBnB
Price on request

Neural Organization Technique

Neural Organization Technique follows a kinesiology-based examination and treatment protocol.


Neural Organization Technique (N.O.T.)

N.O.T. is designed to recognise any disorganisations found within the neural programmes of the prime survival systems and to reorganise a disorganised central nervous system. N.O.T. includes some protocols from Specialised Kinesiology, Chiropractics and Acupuncture.

In the words of the founder, Dr. Carl Ferreri: "Neural Organization Technique (N.O.T.) is one of the most powerful and complete examination and treatment protocols on the face of the earth today. It is the only health care system which takes into account all of the various circumstances under which we live. These circumstances influence the way the body responds to stress of any kind and how these stresses register in the central nervous system. The body is a self healing, self regulating, self perpetuating(replacing its own tissue), integrated and organized organism. The principles of N.O.T. are based on the primal survival systems of the species each named for its primary function known as Feeding, Fight/Flight, Reproduction and also what I call the Limbic System. The Limbic System is s combination of the immune, repair, controlled growth and cellular reproduction systems and is the internal system which ties the other three systems together into a cohesive life force… Neural Organization Technique specifically reorganizes your nervous system so that you can function in the way you were designed. If we can find the deficit we can fix it."

Esoteric Healing

Esoteric healing addresses the subtle anatomy of man.


Esoteric Healing

We know man is more than his physical body.

The physical body of man is the externalization of more subtle vehicles of manifestation. Reference to this can be found in text originating in India, China, Egypt and ancient Greece. This knowledge was popularised by people like Alice Bailey, C.W. Leadbeater and Dr. D. Tansley, to mention but a few. In this form of energetic healing attention is given to the chakras or energy centres(major, minor and lesser), the bodies(astral, emotional, mental and buddic) and the energetics underlying the organ system. Energetic healing takes place when addressing the links between chakras, the bodies and/or the subtle anatomy underlying each and every organ system.

Past life Regression

Our souls have survived everything - Dr. E. Lindwall

Past life Regression

Past life therapy is a method of accessing memories from other life times for the purpose of healing. The method I use is to intuitively access those memories for people or using the Lindwall Releasing process to assist people in accessing those memories themselves during a session.

An important step in this process is to neutralise and heal the effect of those memories. Traditionally ways of past life regression would only have accessed those memories without the necessary neutralising and healing.
The purpose of past life therapy is as follows:

  • To neutralise the negative effects of events from the past that affects you in a negative way in this life. The areas of impact can be relationships, health, career, habits, beliefs, and so forth.
  • To affirm skills, talents and bonds between people that you have brought into this life
  • For insight into events, choices and relationships in this life
  • Glamourizing past lives and holding on to those memories can have the negative effect of being stuck in old patterns, habits and relationships. It is always advisable when becoming aware of a past life, to address it and heal it.


    Healing to humans and animals wherever they are in the world.



    Radionics is a form of distant/absent healing in which we use a disciplined form of dowsing to discover energetic blockages and disturbances underlying illness with the intention to bring about healing.

    Radionics can be used to treat humans, animals, business, “sick” buildings, etc. Radionics is so versatile that healing techniques from other healing modalities, like Specialised Kinesiology can be incorporated in the Radionics treatment protocols.

    Coherent Multi-Radiance Therapy




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    Rife Resonator


    Rife Resonator

    Improve your general health - Rife Resonator Therapy ​

    You can relay electro-magnetic frequencies through your body with a Rife Resonator machine to improve your general health. ​

    Dr Royal Raymond Rife Principle ​​

    Dr Royal Raymond Rife designed and built a very special and light microscope in the year 1920 with which he could visualize live viruses. He made a great discovery through the lens of his microscope. ​

    The discovery Dr Royal Raymond Rife made was that each virus, bacterium and parasite living in the human body were sensitive to a specific wave frequency. ​

    The discovery Dr Royal Raymond Rife made is amazing because his discovery made it possible to destroy an organism without harming surrounding tissue and can be applied to the human body. ​

    Treat Acute and Chronic Diseases with RIFE Frequencies ​​

    RIFE Frequencies can be used to treat many conditions. ​

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Glandular Fever
    Sports Injuries
    Acute and Chronic diseases.

    RIFE frequencies can be used to destroy viruses and pathogens as well as detoxify damaged tissue. RIFF frequencies can also reduce regenerated stress and enhance general health. ​

    How Does A Patient Receive RIFE Resonator Therapy? ​

    RIFE resonator therapy is given to a patient by holding hand-held electrodes in each hand and connecting contact plates to each foot of the patient. ​

    The hand-held electrodes and contact plates send frequencies through the body of the patient and last between 15-90 minutes. ​

    Every session must be repeated multiple times per week to improve stress and enhance general health. ​

    RIFE Resonator therapy is a drugless approach to handle numerous diseases.

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